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Business Intelligence

In a scenario where the business environment is dynamic and fast changing, there is a growing need to adapt and respond quickly and efficiently ; data has to be converted to cost-effective decisions.

NU Technologies offers comprehensive Business Intelligence services which are Strategic , Tactical & Operational. These services help in integrating data with business management , enterprise data management , integration and knowledge management etc. and thus accounts for a considerable and steady increase in business efficiencies and a significant reduction in cost.

Performance Management

An effective performance management system ensures that key performance indicators , service levels and budgets are in line with the long term business and organizations goal in general.
NU Technology comes to the forefront with performance management tools that simplifythe feasible and profitable business environment. General system performance , server virtualization , cloud management , application performance monitoring ( APM) , network management and automation management ; all of this comes in the perspective of our performance management solutions. Our tools work towards capturing irregularities and disruptive practices within the organization using the given data and working towards effective correction.

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What we do

Data from various sources put together , examined and interpretations relevant and useful to the business are harnessed using Big Data Analytics. It is possible to get insights from large amount of data easily and within no time thus helping businesses to become efficient & cost effective.

Our services

NU Technology offers advanced analytics techniques which gives a clear competitive edge to businesses by helping to use their untapped sources and making them accessible. This gives new breakthrough , improves and enhances decision making and reduces costs.
High performance analytics at NU Technology helps tap into large volumes of data and help unearth solutions to problems, come up with timely decisions and bring to light new growth & better growth opportunities.

The concept of cloud computing solutions has become mainstream lately and to IT professionals it has become a means to extend existing capacity and capability. Cloud computing provides ideal working solutions to the IT organizations giving them the ease to scale up and down their IT resources as desired.

NU Technology has been into providing IT applications and services to many industries since decades now. The expertise at our end help construe cloud computing for our clients enabling them to navigate the cloud landscape.

We help you to implement some of the best strategies to optimize business results while keeping the operational expenses minimal. We have partnered with some of the experts in this field to develop & implement cloud strategies as well as enable developers to build , test and deploy applications .


A Company's technological strength depends on its long term business strategy , performance improvement , mergers & acquisitions and project effectiveness ; in short ,a constant change. This can happen when partnerships with expertise in that field happen.

Our Offering

NU Technology is the right consulting partner for you who can take you through a digital transformation process. NU Technologies assists you to take an extra leap by focusing on core skills and driving key business strategy, thus broadening the client portfolio and accelerating growth ; we provide structured solutions for complex business challenges turning them into better opportunities and provide a model for effective resource planning and optimum productivity.

Digital Marketing

The impact of Digital Marketing in today's businesses is dramatic and remarkable ; after all ,this is the age of electronic media. The effectiveness of digital media in getting across to people is tremendous vis-a-vis the traditional system. It has made a huge impact in all businesses across industries , be it health industry ,advertising / marketing or education industry ;it has brought about significant revolutions everywhere and changed perceptions.
NU Technology has made a foray into this field with its unique expertise and various upmarket techniques like SEO, SEM, content marketing , web designing , content writing so on & so forth. Our digital marketing techniques work towards a cost effective solution for our clients, boosts visibility and also ensures better rankings in the search engines.


This is an end-to-end digital experience platform which is specifically designed by our experienced technologists to give online buyers a satisfying experience. It is proven to enable selling experiences to the world's best B2B and B2C brands. It is a battle tested commerce infrastructure that simplifies management , reduces total cost of ownership and accelerates time to value thus giving a boost to the online revenue.


In today's world , the customer demands are never ending more so with the evolving and emerging technologies. In this scenario , our SAP hybris platform helps your business reach where it needs to be . Partnering with NU Technology , you are sure to experience rapid transformation and agility bringing you closer to your customers and giving them a more consistent and meaningful experience.


This has the proven status of the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. Coupled with the expertise of NU Technology , this benefit is manifested into amazing customer experiences. On an average , merchants using this platform are experiencing growth 3X times faster than others using any other competitive platform and at the same time realising a whopping 50% reduction in costs.


Oracle is raising the bar with regard to cloud ERP . Oracle Fusion benefits include modern technology, open standards, choice in delivery and cloud portability.
Cloud portability takes this customer choice a step further by permitting customers to change their cloud networks based on changing business conditions – and gives customers the option to choose the best application software such as uptime history/assurance, information security, data center proximity, Service Level Agreement (SLA) or cloud provider credentials (i.e. SAS70/SSAE16, ISO 27001, Safe Harbor, etc.)


A comprehensive on-demand CRM tool can streamline your sales and support processes, salesforce is an excellent choice.Salesforce provides ample means for managing and tracking interactions with customers .
NU Technology salesforce helps to establish campaigns and track leads generated by campaigns, forms, imported files, or other channels ;these leads are converted into contacts and active accounts upon qualification and directed to particular user. This tool includes , the ability to track the roles of different contacts in an organization.

In today's digital age , business enterprises ,big & small are heavily reliant on effective IT services to support their operations & decision making. The requirements could be changing and varied depending on the operational availability.

NU Technology has a wide range of IT Support and Maintenance solutions reflecting the customer requirements. We offer a plethora of services ranging from network setup and administration , network security, desktop and end-user support, data backup and recovery to email services on one hand and online upgrades and updates , cyber security , scalable processes and catalog processing on the other.

Also our solutions are cost effective and ensure a 24/7 availability. We realise the necessity to keep an entity upbeat in this technically competent age and are tuned accordingly.

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Native mobile apps often stand in contrast to desktop applications that run on desktop computers. These are more specific for an iPhone and Android devices which makes it more efficient and much more preferred frame work.
We with our best developers specialized in native frame work provide the best app development service , we provide you much more efficient applications.

Our Services

NU Technology is leading edge in the business of mobile application development services providing end-to-end technically outstanding mobile applications development services. We work on all platforms , devices , mobiles and networks.
Our talent pool of highly skilled and efficient mobile application developers are experts in UX and certified in all aspects. We have an expertise who can build a quick Proof of Concept (POC) within the shortest span of time possible.


Hybrid apps are developed using ionic frame work provides much more convince to develop single application for both devices such as iPhone and Android. This makes it more flexible , easier and consumes very less time for development .
Our developers specialized in ionic frame work provide the best app development service , we provide you much more efficient applications which makes the clients to use a single application in both iPhone and Android devices this will reduce their time of development and the cost of development.

NUIT Differentiators

NUIT assures the best mobile application development services with Experience in application rollout and support , Rich technology and domain experience , Best Practices / Standard Operating Practice (SOP) in Enterprise Mobility , Partnership approach with every customer for guaranteed success , Frameworks for quick development & secured Robust synchronization